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Jen Tyzkan
2 tips for newcomers trying to access answer keys… 1 - make sure to use valid info on the human verification survey or it won’t work, and 2 - make sure to continue to the end of the survey (mine was around 6 pages) until you see the “SURVEY COMPLETE” screen
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Carmen Duran
Worked for me again! Love this website. Sometimes you have to try a few different surveys to get it to work, but it always ends up verifying and giving you your answer key. I use it for highschool and my little bro uses it for his middle school work!
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Bart Ommen
Ok finally got my answer key after a while once I used real info on a survey. Like the above poster mentioned, you have to use valid info and continue until the END of the survey. Answer key was 100% correct FTW.
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Adam Lui
Thank you!!!!!!! I wasn't sure what to expect but I got the MASTER ANSWER KEY for my program... all of my courses were in it! Really simple.
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Mary Cabuhat
Honestly wasn’t expecting this to work but it did. A pleasant surprise. Saved a ton of time...
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Thomas Guski
Easy... . got it the first time around lol
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Abby Robinson
The answer key was correct, and no one questioned me for a second. I left a couple answers wrong so it would look legit. Perfect.
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Ümit Dayan
Got a little frustrated when it didn’t work… returned the next day, saw these comments, tried real information and continued to the very end of the survey.., and it worked right away. Annoyed it took me so long to do it correctly, but it ended up working in the end. So helpful for Math and English, my 2 worst classes...
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Pepper Chilli
Received my answer key instantly. Use valid information and finish the survey - it's not hard. Mine was I believe 7 pages long until I saw the "SURVEY COMPLETE" message.
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